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Stem cells create and repair all the different cell types in our bodies (i.e. blood, muscle, organ & skin cells etc).  Stemology offer expecting couples data and rebates on Cord Blood and stem cell banking UK. Cord Blood Brainchild is an existence sparing alternative just accessible at the season of birth, where stem cells from the umbilical cord are put away for future treatment. It is rapidly getting to be distinctly standard practice over the globe as the advantages are unimaginable. Umbilical Cord stem cells can make different cell sorts including blood, bone, tissue, muscle, child and organ cells. They are a 100% ensured match to your children and can likewise coordinate other relatives.


Best of every one of, the NHS performs stem cell transplants so there’s no requirement for costly private treatment when medications are required. This is one of the most brilliant choices you can make. Foundational microorganisms have as of now been used as a part of more than 1,000,000 transplants worldwide and are liable to more than 5,000 clinical trials. They are at present used to treat genuine conditions including different Cancers, Blood, Brain and Metabolic Disorders. In the course of the last three years we have helped more than 10,000 couples settle on the best choice they could for their family. Download a pamphlet and go along with them today.

For More Information Visit Us :  How are Stem Cells Used


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